We provide a range of services for the property and real estate market.  Our services are a valuable tool to ensure that you are protected from fraud in the purchasing or selling of your property; or to safeguard your investment as a part of a strata corporation or landlord.

Fraud can be present in the real estate purchasing process. Investigative due diligence is prudent and highly recommended in any transaction and is sometimes necessary to establish if a transaction was predicated on fraudulent data. Whether perpetrated by the buyer, seller, or their team, fraudulent behavior  can undermine the legality, enforceability, and profitability of the transaction.

  • Commercial Property Support
  • City Concierge Service
  • Condo PI
  • Locate
  • Property Management Support
  • Realtor Support
  • Public Record Searches
  • Strata Act (BC) Investigations
  • Tenant Background Check
  • Vacant Property Service
  • Vacation Rental Background Check
  • Web Search (Comprehensive)

If you are interested in our services or have information that may assist us in one of our current investigations, please contact us.